05 May 2016


The twenty-fourth excavation season took place between 8th of September and 5th of October of 2014. We focused on the excavation in extension of level XIII (MIS 7, ca 200,000 years) from the Northern area of the site, as the last year. The fieldwork involved the squares B9 to N12, which represented an area of 35 m2 and 25 cm thick. In total, more than 7,000 archaeological remains (bone and lithics) were recovered. In the Western sector, we continued with the cleanup and removal of scrambled sediments in squares B6 to H9, with 20 m2 and 40 cm thick. The fieldwork involved 22 technicians and students.


General view of the excavation in different phases of development


Sieving tasks and recovering process of archaeological materials


Taking data during the fieldwork


Archaeological materials from level XIII


Opening day. Visits, workshop and outreach tasks in the site


2014 excavation team