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19th august nocturnal guided tour

Tavernes de la Valldigna
The meticulous work of a generation of archaeologists during almost 30 years of excavations in the Cova del Bolomor has allowed to recover innumerable vestiges that go back to the…

2th september open doors

Tavernes de la Valldigna
El dia 1 de septiembre Habrá talleres a partir de les 19:00 h en la Avinguda de la Marina de la Platja de Tavernes (junto al Tourist Info) El dia…

Cova del Bolomor

The excavation of the cavity has provided abundant prehistoric materials, lithic and bone remains, combustion structures, and hominid fossils. The site is especially important due to its wide chronostratigraphy which covers from the Middle Pleistocene to the beginning of the Upper Pleistocene, between 100.000 and 350.000 years before present. The most relevant findings are the remains associated to human presence, the oldest known in Valencia and corresponding to the Old Paleolithic.

The investigation has documented an exceptional and unique prehistoric record about the use of hearths throughout 250.000 years, evidences of controlled use of fire which figure between the oldest of Europe. An important part of the ways of life of these antique hominids has been discovered for the first time here with the incorporation of new behaviors in the use of alimentary resources and of the acquisition of the same.

Bolomor Cave represents an important location, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, to discover the origins and characteristics of the European Paleolithic settlements, the ways of life of Neanderthals and other hominids which preceded them.

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¿Quieres conocer la Cova del Bolomor durante el proceso de excavación y compartir con el equipo de investigación los avances de la campaña de este año? no te pierdas la jornada de puertas abiertas 2017. Plazas limitadas Ajuntament de Tavernes de la Valldigna Museu de Prehistòria de València València Turisme ...

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Vols conèixer la Cova del Bolomor durant el procés d'excavació i compartir amb l'equip de recerca els avanços de la campanya d'enguany? no et perdes la jornada de portes obertes 2017 plaçes limitades Ajuntament de Tavernes de la Valldigna Museu de Prehistòria de València València Turisme ...

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#bolomor #tavernesvalldigna #turismo #difusion #turismo @valenciaturisme ...

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#bolomor #tavernesvalldigna #verano #arqueologia #prehistoria ...

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Cova del Bolomor